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фото Ангелина Данилова Summer is for Han river and bike rides.Sunsets and dancing.Morning walks and evening strolls.And so on:)
фотография Ангелина Данилова We With Wine and Wine With We
новое фото Ангелина Данилова Home spa and Gilmore girls on Netlfix.
фото на странице Ангелина Данилова Просто наблюдатель этого прекрасного мира. I’m just a witnesser of this amazing world. . p.s. I like windows where I fit.
лучшие фото Ангелина Данилова When you finally bought the carpet you’ve been dreaming of for 2 years. #dreambig #dreamscometrue

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реклама на блоге Ангелина Данилова Hair so short, can’t care less.
реклама в блоге Ангелина Данилова freckles... Yay or nay?
реклама у блоггера Ангелина Данилова When you feel like parking lot photoshoot.
разместить рекламу в блоге Ангелина Данилова self photo shoot is not a problem. @losense_official
заказать рекламу у блоггера Ангелина Данилова What are your special life-hacks to survive the heat and stay cool in summer? #melting

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фото angelinadanilova QUICK & EASY KOREAN MAKE-UP | using BANILA CO
Decided to upload this quick video from my instagram. It's basically the same make up that I always do myself and what I think is the typical korean natural make up minus the eyeliner.I personally think the black eyeliner doesn't look good on me, so I never use it. Hope you like it! Stay happy~ Love you my Danilovers by Angelina Danilova instagram: facebook: twitter:
фотография angelinadanilova WINTER (mango tinted lips) MAKE UP tutorial
A make up that I decided to call "winter",it's just an update on my usual make up if I need to go somewhere and I want to look fresh and pretty.Since it's the beginning of December and it's getting colder everyday in Seoul,I feel like it's the proper name for this tutorial!:) Love you world, love you guys! Don't get sick and wear warm clothes! products used: Face Blur-Etude house N8 skin master CC cushion V21 Clinique line smoothing concealer 02 light CODE glokolor p.uv cube pact 20.5...
новое фото angelinadanilova My NATURAL daily make up+using new camera
It was my first time doing make up on camera ever!By the way I'm using my new camera which I absolutely love!Samsung nx3000 (not sponsored lol) list of cosmetic products I used in the video: Garnier micellar water Carmex cherry lip balm Bobbie Brown under eye corrector in light bisque Iope Cushion foundation #I23 Terracotta Guerlain joli teint 02 naturel-blondes The color institute Bronzer Powder Benefit Benetint Benefit They're real Mascara! Essence brow-gel Music I've been loving...
фото на странице angelinadanilova LENKA-THE SHOW (ukulele cover)+using blue yeti mic
Happy New Year my angels! Hope you thanked 2016,and greeted 2017 with an open mind and fresh thoughts! Don't ever regret a thing!Ever!Just be conscious,be in the present,exchange your good energy with people around you ;) As usual an unplanned chilled music cover,filmed from the first take.I was just so excited to test my new mic,that I've posted this raw yet listenable (I hope) ukulele cover of an old good "Lenka-The show" song. I will DEVELOP my skills of filming and making music in the...

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лучшие фото angelinadanilova TRAVEL DIARY | KOS ISLAND, GREECE (rus. VLOG)
Thank you so much for watching, hope you'l like it! It was an amazing, super spontaneous and fun trip.Thanks to my friend Mary, who eventually talked me into going to Greece, even tho it was short (4-5 days), still great memories. Greece is such a beautiful country! by Angelina Danilova instagram: facebook: twitter:
реклама на блоге angelinadanilova Post Malone, Swae Lee - Sunflower cover by Angelina Danilova
Finally posting this cover I made after watching "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse".I loved this animation movie so much.And this song would always bring my mood up and make me feel better.That's why I decided to try cover it in my own way.Hope you like it!Thank you for watching! And big thanks to all my friends who helped making this cover and the video. film by @studioxeden ( ) instagram: instrumentals and mixing by Wat Special thanks to: William Lee Brianna Love you guys! find me on sns...
реклама в блоге angelinadanilova Dua Lipa - Homesick (cover by Angelina Danilova)
Thank you for watching. Спасибо за просмотр! I've been living i South Korea Seoul since summer 2016, every time when I had a chance I would go back home to Russia, to visit my family and friends. Я живу в Корее уже с лета 2016-го, всегда как только есть возможность я еду в Питер, навещаю родных и близких. First year was quite difficult being in a new country, I didn't know much people nor had really close friends.I was working mostly, but I think being open to everything new helped me to meet...
реклама у блоггера angelinadanilova BACK TO SEOUL/SEPTEMBER DIARY[Tom Misch’s concert,Misha Maksimov,YouTube button]
As you may know, I’ve spent the whole summer in my hometown Saint-Petersburg back in Russia.It was one of the greatest summers filled with happiest memories! But I missed Seoul and all of my friends so bad!Now I’m finally back!And I’m ready to catch up on things that I’ve missed whilst being away. Also I’m back at work.Started few new projects!And I’m very excited for this chapter. Thank you for watching this little vlog (ha-ha, a 17 min a “little” vlog). Hope you enjoy!See you soon in the...
разместить рекламу в блоге angelinadanilova INSTAGRAM SUMMER MAKE-UP | Angelina Danilova
A video tutorial of how I do my make up.Hope you will like it.Thank you for watching!^^ instagram: facebook: twitter: Music Credit: LAKEY INSPIRED Track Name: "Better Days - LAKEY INSPIRED" " Monroe - LAKEY INSPIRED" "Watching The Clouds - LAKEY INSPIRED" License for commercial use: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported "Share Alike" (CC BY-SA 3.0) License.

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