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фото Ангелина Данилова что-то на модельном.
фотография Ангелина Данилова Friendly neighborhood. Spilling not tea, but coffee this time, and by spilling I mean metaphorically. Can’t spill while wearing ecru.. Just another wholesome Tuesday; we found a vintage store and a 2 floor wine shop with carts. (convenient n cute mhmmm) Something new always appears around, even if it has been there for 3 years already..oops Felt good to get out of the house for a moment, get back and continue learning guitar. Всем чмок :-*
новое фото Ангелина Данилова GIVEON- Stuck on you.
фото на странице Ангелина Данилова Don’t mind me turning my Instagram into an inspo page.
лучшие фото Ангелина Данилова Lemme jussss slideee.

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реклама на блоге Ангелина Данилова First day out of quarantine made me feel some type of a way. While I was home alone all this time made me again feel the bliss of simplicity. Slow down, disconnect to connect. These words might sound too cliche these days, or be just a nice caption under a selfie, but it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves that once in awhile. Connect with yourself, with life and what surrounds you. Simple things that happen to you every day, people you meet, when you look around, feel that beauty and purity of...
реклама в блоге Ангелина Данилова Spill the tea
реклама у блогера Ангелина Данилова They don’t know that I just wrote a poem in my notes app.
разместить рекламу в блоге Ангелина Данилова Happy new year
заказать рекламу у блогера Ангелина Данилова An example how to hold a phone, to show off your cool rings.

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фото angelinadanilova x
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фотография angelinadanilova Как я стала ЗНАМЕНИТОСТЬЮ в Корее?
Наконец-то села поговорить с вами и рассказать мою историю вкратце. instagram:
новое фото angelinadanilova Post Malone, Swae Lee - Sunflower cover by Angelina Danilova
Finally posting this cover I made after watching "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse".I loved this animation movie so much.And this song would always bring my mood up and make me feel better.That's why I decided to try cover it in my own way.Hope you like it!Thank you for watching! And big thanks to all my friends who helped making this cover and the video. film by @studioxeden ( ) instagram: instrumentals and mixing by Wat Special thanks to: William Lee Brianna Love you guys! find me on sns...
фото на странице angelinadanilova BACK TO SEOUL/SEPTEMBER DIARY[Tom Misch’s concert,Misha Maksimov,YouTube button]
As you may know, I’ve spent the whole summer in my hometown Saint-Petersburg back in Russia.It was one of the greatest summers filled with happiest memories! But I missed Seoul and all of my friends so bad!Now I’m finally back!And I’m ready to catch up on things that I’ve missed whilst being away. Also I’m back at work.Started few new projects!And I’m very excited for this chapter. Thank you for watching this little vlog (ha-ha, a 17 min a “little” vlog). Hope you enjoy!See you soon in the...
лучшие фото angelinadanilova TRAVEL DIARY | KOS ISLAND, GREECE (rus. VLOG)
Thank you so much for watching, hope you'l like it! It was an amazing, super spontaneous and fun trip.Thanks to my friend Mary, who eventually talked me into going to Greece, even tho it was short (4-5 days), still great memories. Greece is such a beautiful country! by Angelina Danilova instagram: facebook: twitter:

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реклама на блоге angelinadanilova MY DAILY LIFE IN KOREA | SPRING 19
Finally made a vlog guys!Sorry I’ve been missing on YouTube lately, kinda got busy.But here it is! A holy guacamole 16 minute vlog from winter/spring 2019!
реклама в блоге angelinadanilova ONE SUMMER DAY IN BUSAN.
It was summer, we were lost and found.Ahah.Took my brother and some friends for a trip to Busan, we had Jay who did this great video! Thank you, Jay. Hope you guys enjoy! Music: Vice-Alder
реклама у блогера angelinadanilova Went to IKEA with Sissel.
My friend moved to a new apartment and she needed to buy some necessities few weeks ago.She asked me to come with her to IKEA.I said sure I’m just gonna help you, I don’t need to buy anything.And eventually I was the one who ended up buying the majority of stuff that I surely DID need. A little hectic Vlog because I didn’t decide if I should or should not vlog. It’s been awhile.Actually planning to be more active on YouTube, recording more covers at home.With the recent events and corona...
разместить рекламу в блоге angelinadanilova KOREAN FALL FASHION lookbook |
hello friends! Welcome to my first video about fashion!Finallyyyyy! Fall is my favourite season considering everything and especially clothes! I've been living in Korea for 3 years now and my style has definitely changed a lot. Inspired by Korean trends, vintage and European fashion here are my 5 days of the week outfits ideas. Let me know which one is your favourite? When I wear clothes I have few rules that keep me stylish and still myself: 1. It has to be comfortable and I should feel...
заказать рекламу у блогера angelinadanilova Vlog/РУССКАЯ ЕДА в Сеуле
Встретились с Полиной, чтобы наконец найти «русский район» в Сеуле. Спустя 3 года проживания мы его нашли! Это видео скорее передача наших эмоций нежели, что-то сильно информативное. Скоро будет новый контент! Я снова вернулась на канал! Missed you guys

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