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Beauty —порт “анцы
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фото ≈лена яткина “ы хочешь принимать,любить своЄ отражение в зеркале, уметь прислушиватьс€ к своей внутренней богине?
“ы „увственна ѕрит€гательна »з€щна —облазнительна Ёффектна Ќеповторима √рациозна «агадочна —трастна ќсталось только это раскрыть Ќа 2-ух дневном онлайн интенсиве от FRAULES: практика раскрепощени€ в танце 12-13 феврал€
фотографи€ ≈лена яткина A WOMAN'S WORTH | FRAULES
THE MOST PERSONAL video that i've been posting ever. All the feelings from inside out. FREESTYLE Song: @Alicia Keys WOMAN'S WORTH Dedicated from all the woman who has ever suffered from anything in her live. ... I didnТt know what heТs going to do. I believed. ... I donТt know, HOW HEТve CHOSEN this song for me. And my pain. Cause I was listening this song many many years ago, and my body REMEMBERED. Here is a body psychotherapy going in front of your eyes. @ helps me to go inside of it. I...
новое фото ≈лена яткина Christina Aguilera "Desnudate" - FRAULES
The song says "Desnudate" - so.... let's go! 18+! Choreo by Alexey Martynov + freestyle by me! Song: @Christina Aguilera Desnudate Clothes: Fraules wear

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Here is my freestyle to that crazy song! Let me know in comments if you like it and which part? And don't forget that i have my ONLINE classes/tutorials there: And my online courses: Song: @Trey Songz "Closed mouths"
лучшие фото ≈лена яткина GIRL NEED LOVE TUTORIAL - TEASER
THE MOST PRETTIEST CHOREO of the last year is AVAILABLE FOR YOU to LEARN! Use the promo code "Youtube" to get a 10% discount!* (discount is availible until 10 january) - Language of the lesson: english or russian - Heels are welcome, but not necessary while learning that choreo! - 4 Lessons (10-20 minutes each) - Slow learning the choreography with a count and music - You can watch class from all devices: you just need and internet connection and screen of smartphone, iPad or computer - Video...
реклама на блоге ≈лена яткина GIRLS NEEED LOVE | FRAULES TEAM | SUMMER WALKER
Song: @Summer Walker Dancers: Fraules team @elizavetaanatolevna @juujiya @ladagololo @olyabramva @zheniaromadanova Choreographed: by @FraulesGirl Camera: Vadim Zaytsev (Instagram: @vadimzaytsev_pr) Color: Denis (Instagram: @dencolorist) Costumes: @fraules_wear
реклама в блоге ≈лена яткина HEELS CLASS BY FRAULES | GIRLS NEED LOVE | Moscow (Russia)
or purhase a BEGINNERS HEELS ONLINE COURSE by Fraules! Song: @Summer Walker "Girls need love"
реклама у блогера ≈лена яткина SHOWDOWN | FRAULES | CHOREO by Lena Platonova
Song: @Britney Spears "Showdown" Dancer: Fraules Choreo: Lena Platonova Camera: Yana Markeshina I usually don't post here not mine choreos.....BUT! I'm in love with that song and choreography by my friend Platonova Lena! And i enjoyed performing it so..... now you - ENJOY!!!!!

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≈лена яткина: реклама на официальных страницах блогера ≈лена яткина. ”знать, сколько стоит разместить рекламу в блоге, заказать или спланировать рекламную кампанию поможет наше агентство DeadLine.ru. «аполните форму обратной св€зи на этой странице, и мы поможем вам разместить рекламу у блогера ≈лена яткина эффективно и на выгодных услови€х.