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фото Софи Попова Life is so dynamic and unexpected, but that's exactly what makes it so colorful . It has ended for me so many times and began again in the morning. And then I got new chance to do something amazing once more . And life is not always about happy endings and that’s exactly what makes it so valuable. But life is definitely about living, don’t be afraid of making mistakes, look for your own truth, enjoy it and be grateful, let nothing stand in you way! Live it don’t just exist ! I guess we...
фотография Софи Попова adi'os, amigo
новое фото Софи Попова Tonight we kissed. Of course I remember. Remember how I held your face with my palms and brought you close to me. Remember the sharp lines of your cheekbones, skin and smell. I still feel how you got back all the feelings and how much you wanted more and more. I could only think and dream that it would never end. Then of course, I woke up. And in the bitter reality, you and I are two strangers, you may say that we don’t even know each other . Why did I wake up at all? 22/06

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фото на странице Софи Попова sorry, I’m not as shy as you expected me to be

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